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Art Platform Los Angeles

When: September 27, 2012
Where: Barker Hanger

Broadcast Date: October 8, 2012


Scroll down to view images from the fair.

This was broadcast on my radio program, Echo in the Sense, on KXLU Los Angeles 88.9 FM on October 8, 2012.

Click below to listen:


Summary –
I conducted a few interviews at Art Platform Los Angeles:

• Rachel Lee Hovnonian, Artist, on our synthetic existence. I also have live audio from her performance piece, a virtual cafe called Mud Pie.

• Laura Blereau, Director of Bitforms Gallery (NY), about Bitforms, The Kitchen, Issue Project Room and on several of their artists: Daniel Canogar, Erwin Redl, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and R. Luke DuBois.

• Jason Ramos – Director of RAID Projects (LA) and one of the curators from ARTRA Curatorial about Co-Lab, a collection of non-profit galleries and collectives. He introduces these groups and artists: Gallery Lara from (Tokyo) and Jaus Gallery (Los Angeles) and their artist Satoshi Saegusa and Mitsuko Ikeno; Weekend Gallery (Los Feliz, Los Angeles) and their artist Carlson Hatton; Durden and Ray and their artists John Flack, Emily Counts and Max Presneill; PS (Amsterdam); Tilt-Export (Portland, Oregon) with director Jenene Nagy and their artists Ben Buswell and Lauren Clay; Felt Space (Adelaide, Australia); Neter Proyectos (Mexico City) and their artists Axel Velasquez, Alejandro Garcia, Jimenez Lefer, Marcos Castro, Ramiro Chavez, Alex Volio, Mariana Magdaleno, Greta Gamboa, Carlos Olvera, and Christian Castaneda; RAID Projects (Los Angeles) and directors Jason Ramos and Max Presneill and their artists Stephen Parise (Sweden) and Tom Dunn (Australia).

• I also play a Steve Roden composition that was commissioned by XOjet that was played in a Challenger 300 jet during opening night.


My Review of Art Platform Los Angeles:

I found Art Platform Los Angeles to be just the right mix of likability balanced with novelty. It was just the right size. I was able to experience it over two days. On opening day, my simple goal was to hear the Steve Roden pieces in the Challenger 300 jet they had on site. The interior of the jet functioned like a giant speaker with every surface vibrating slightly with sound. Roden had composed four 8-minute pieces specifically for this unique surround-sound environment. I was lucky to arrive after the first wave of people and had the jet mostly to myself.

Next, I was curious to experience Rachel Lee Hovnanian’s Cafe, what she calls a “dream-awake state” performed by two actresses behind a diner counter built in one of the booths. I was pleasantly surprised by the sunniness projected by the waitresses, by the synthetic food that was served, and the commentary on our growing synthetic existence, one filled with twitter and balance bars.

I was pulled in by Bitforms Gallery out of Chelsea in New York. I watched as the Rafael Lozano-Hemmer piece drew crowds of people around an LCD “mirror” that replaced your eyes with plumes of smoke ala Saint Lucy.

On my second day, I was able to appreciate the curation of the Co-lab section of the fair and had the opportunity to meet many of the non-profits who had been given space. Jason Ramos of RAID Projects and ARTRA Curatorial gave me a walk through.

Images from the fair: