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Cosmic Krylon Carnival – Kenny Scharf & Merry Norris at Pasadena Museum of Art

Scroll down for photos and video of the event.

When: November 08, 2014
Where: Pasadena Museum of Art

It was a flashback Saturday night at the Pasadena Museum of Art benefit, Cosmic Krylon Carnival, honoring Kenny Scharf and Merry Norris. Kenny Scharf established himself in the New York 80s art scene. He was a contemporary of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. His street art/pop aesthetic can be seen on the first floor in the parking garage of the Pasadena Museum of California Art. This permanent installation called Kosmic Kavern and the landscape of characters that he spray painted on the walls of the garage were like a gleeful but mute audience for the goings on of the evening.

The theme for the evening revolved around a cast of carny folk and there were palm readers, jugglers, strong men, and unicyclists weaving in and out of the crowd. Carny food was served up including hotdogs and waffles, ice cream, popcorn, Sprinkles Cupcakes. To add further nostalgia to the night, the DJ spun old punk rock records to an empty dance floor.

In attendance, were the owners of the building, Bob and Arlene Oltman, who recounted their quest to move closer to the heart of Pasadena and their subsequent desire to establish a museum. There were several sharply dressed female members of the Pasadena Arts Council who talked about their non-profit’s philanthropic giving over the years. The highlight of the evening came in the middle with a performance by Kenny Scharf. Scharf painted one of his cartoon characters on an old BMW.

Scroll down for photo slideshow and videos.

Photo Credit: Christine Palma

Video Credit: Christine Palma